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Leynek Medical Selected for Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) Intellectual Property Bootcamp

[Ottawa, January 16, 2024] – Leynek Medical Inc., a leading innovator in the healthcare industry, is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the esteemed IPON Intellectual Property (IP) Bootcamp. This exclusive program is designed to empower IP owners by providing immediate access to funding opportunities and facilitating engagement with top-tier IP experts and resources.

The IPON Intellectual Property Bootcamp is a highly competitive and sought-after initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of companies with innovative IP portfolios. Leynek Medical's inclusion in this program is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing healthcare through market leading IP. This recognition also solidifies Leynek Medical's position as a key player in the healthcare sector, showcasing its dedication to innovation and commitment to safeguarding its intellectual property.

"We are honoured to be chosen for the IPON Intellectual Property Bootcamp, and we see this as a tremendous opportunity to further enhance our intellectual property strategies," said Thomas Fletcher, CTO at Leynek Medical. "This program aligns seamlessly with our mission to revolutionize healthcare through innovation, and we look forward to leveraging the expertise and resources provided by IPON to drive our company's success."

Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON): is a provincial agency that provides trusted IP support and services to enable Ontario businesses and researchers to innovate and grow. IPON works directly with clients and postsecondary institutions to better understand how to protect and maximize the value of their IP, strengthen their capacity to grow, compete in the market, and advance the province’s economic growth. For more information visit

About Leynek Medical: Leynek Medical is a pioneering healthcare company dedicated to developing innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and advance the standard of care. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, Leynek Medical is at the forefront of driving positive change for chronic care patients.

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