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Acceptance into Prestigious Entrepreneurship Program for Heart Failure Research

Ottawa, September 25, 2023. Leynek Medical, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been accepted into the Entrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health Opportunities (ECHO), a program funded and organized in partnership between the Translational Biology and Engineering Program (TBEP) of the University of Toronto and Ted Rogers Centre focused on heart failure research, and the Health Innovation Hub (H2i) a University of Toronto campus linked accelerator facilitating the commercialization of health matters.

"Comorbidities are often overlooked by singular-disease state solutions. Leynek's platform has the capability to go beyond cancer management and also improve the quality of life of patients managing heart failure, among other life-limiting heart diseases."

Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the top two causes of mortality in the US and worldwide despite advances in prevention and treatment. There are currently an estimated 16.9 million cancer survivors in the US, and this number is expected to grow to over 22.1 million by 2030. Cancer patients have a 2x–6x higher cardiovascular mortality risk than the general population, and cardiovascular mortality is evident throughout the continuum of cancer care.

Founded in 2018, ECHO is a 12-month online training program with the main objectives to:

  1. Provide entrepreneurship training, mentorship, partnership and funding opportunities for innovators of cardiovascular technologies.

  2. Create more successful start-ups in the cardiovascular health sector.

  3. Accelerate the application of cardiovascular innovations and their transfer from bench to bedside.

ECHO is led by high-calibre academic, industry and government subject matter experts, and it is comprised of a unique combination of five complementary modules.

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